The Toyota Tsusho Group's philosophy system is comprised of four levels:


1. Fundamental Philosophy

Unchanging ideas that should be passed on to the future.

Corporate Philosophy

Living and prospering together with people, society, and the globe, we aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to creation of a prosperous society.

Behavioral Guidelines

As a good corporate citizen:

  • We will strive for open and fair corporate activities;
  • We will be socially responsible and strive for conservation of the environment;
  • We will be creative and strive to provide added value;
  • We will respect people and strive to create an engaging workplace.

TTC have established Global Code of Conduct & Ethics (10 creeds), which makes Behavioral Guidelines more concrete, on July 1st, 2016.

2. Vision

Guidelines and signposts that we should reach within 10 years as we continue pursuing and realizing our fundamental philosophy.

Toyotsu Core Values

Toyotsu Core Values to Realize

Business expansion through Toyotsu Core 

3. Long-term and Annual Plans

Strategies for business activities reflecting shifts in the business environment, consisting of policies, concrete action plans and numerical targets.

4. The Toyota Tsusho Group Way

The bedrock principles that all Toyota Tsusho Group employees should share and the values that should be embodied in their actions to realize our fundamental philosophy and achieve our vision.

"Shokon" (A Passion for Business)
The spirit of indomitability
The spirit of enterprise

"Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu" (On Site, Hands on, in Touch)
Inquiring into the true needs of our customers
Putting PDCA* into practice

"Team Power" (Teamwork)
Individual Initiative