Environmental Policy

Toyota Tsusho Philippines Corporation, a warehousing and logistics enterprise will pursue to:

S trive for prevention of pollution, injuries and illnesses.

O bserve compliance to all environmental, health and safety related laws, regulations and industry standards.

D emonstrate continual improvement of the Environment, Health and Safety Management systems.

A im to preserve and conserve our natural resources and commit to the responsible disposal of wastes.

P romote comfortable and healthy work environment to address physical and chemical hazards and work related illnesses.

I nstill environmental, health and safety awareness.

E nsure availability of this policy to the public and other interested parties.


The TTPH’s organizational units and functions shall include the following: 

  1. Sales business units: Conduct sales and purchase activities that cater the needs of auto and non-auto industries.
  2. Warehousing and logistics: Safe keeping of inventories that includes inbound and outbound activities.
  3. Corporate: Support and administrative function

 Its activities, products and services

  1. Logistics and sales for the business of metals, plastics and chemicals
  2. Warehousing, import/export, logistic and sales of metal, chemicals, auto parts, electronic and machinery products

Its authority and ability to exercise control and influence 

Toyota Tsusho Philippines Corporation’s Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems (EHSMS) shall cover all employees, visitors, contractors and service providers. Although TTPH can influence them, the activities of the international suppliers are excluded in the EHSMS because they are based in other countries. Interference with the activities of the suppliers shall be costly for TTPH. However, the activities of the local suppliers and service providers within the premises of TTPH shall still be covered by EHSMS.

The scope of TTPH shall be available upon request of interested parties.